STDM Online: The SaaS Platform for Land Information and Tenure

The Metaspatial offering is aimed at NGO's who want to get going quickly but lack the know-how or infrastructure to run their own regular STDM installation. All that is needed to get started with STDM Online in an Internet browser.

What is STDM Online?

STDM Online bridges the gap between customary and informal tenure with modern technology. It comes in two phases: The first phase visualizes spatial data and tenure relations recorded and maintained with the traditional desktop based QGIS STDM Plugin. It serves collaborative teams, helps to easily viaulize results and supports communication with donor organizations. In the second phase STDM Users can create person data, structures (buildings), land parcels or farm land objects and link both together by a tenure type. The result is a relation between people and location. The system can create tenure certificates helping to formalize ownership. And all of this can be done with just an Internet browser! STDM Online brings the concept and model of STDM to a broader community of users who have little background in IT or cannot afford or maintain their own installation.

Get Your Own STDM Online Plaform

Metaspatial provides the STDM Software as a Service platform for local governments and municipalities and to support NGO's project work in the developing world. Clients can start by paying a set-up fee which inlcudes basic background mapping and configuration of the data model. Users can create, analyse and view data for a reasonable monthly fee. Pricing will be reasonably cheaper than conventional desktop applications and a lot cheaper than legacy cadastral and registry software.

Please contact Arnulf Christl for pricing options options.

Image of the software architecture

The Data is Yours. Always!

The Metaspatial STDM Online platform comes with three guarantees:

  • Your data is secure and will not be used by third parties.
  • You can download all of your data at any point in time.
  • You can build the full system stack on your own servers without license costs.

Metaspatial has a special focus on your data. Watch Arnulf's entertaining Data Talk at FOSS4G 2016 (video).

STDM Online is based on the finest, high quality professional Open Source technology using the database PostgreSQL and the Sahana Eden web front end. The exact same technology is used by National Mapping and Cadastre Agencies around the world for production systems and scales up to serve any amount of data.

Photo of Soacha, Colombia

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