The metaspatial Institute: Certifying Open Geospatial

News: Please note that Metaspatial currently does not offer a certification process. All activities have been put onhold for now. Please contact OSGeo and the GeoForAll Group if you are interested in helping out with starting a certification process.

Certifying Open Source Proficiency (What we do)

The metaspatial Institute planned to offer professional certification for geospatial Open Source; This project is currently on hold. The rest of this page describes the last active phase of the project.

It is geared towards individuals who seek to improve their professional profile and companies who wish to emphasize the competence of their staff through a third party certification. The metaspatial Institute covers three geospatial domains including Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data. The initial five certifications cover:

  • Open Source Geospatial Software Developer
  • Open Source Geospatial Software Professional
  • Open Geospatial Data Professional
  • Open Geospatial Standards Expert
  • Open Geospatial Consultant

Background (Why we do it)

As the Open Source Geospatial market grows so does the need for staff proficient in Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data. An ecosystem of Open Source businesses, universities and training providers has evolved and offers training courses but so far the market does not offer an independent third party certification of these skills.

A similar situation is encountered in the geospatial open standards domain. Increasingly large frameworks like INSPIRE require broad Open Standards know-how but these skills are currently not certified by any independent organization. The same applies to Open Data. While the body of knowledge in this domain is not yet as well defined it becomes increasingly important as governments and public bodies require more and more know-how related to policies and implementation strategies.

Metaspatial closes this gap and provides professional certification for applied geospatial Openness through its new Institute.

The Process (How we do it)

Certification involves three steps. First of all applicants register with the metaspatial Institute and for a moderate fee get access to an Online test. After successfully passing the Online test applicants move to candidate status and are invited to send in their CV with previous work references and referrals. The metaspatial Institute will then evaluate the application of the candidate and check back with the referrals. After successful evaluation the candidate pays the second part of the fee and is invited to a personal interview. This is the most intricate, important and challenging part of the process. The interview goes beyond purely technical aspects and also focuses on the personality profile of the candidate.

After successfully passing the interview the candidate is awarded with the certificate for their specific domain. The newly Certified Professional can then decide which information and specific expertize they want to have published in the metaspatial Institute Certificate Register and Hall of Fame. The certification is valid for 3 years.

The knowledge required to pass the Online test and interview can either be acquired on one's own initiative or through trainings and workshops or at conferences and congresses.

Organizational Structure (Who we are)

The Institute is presided by Arnulf Christl and runs as part of the private company metaspatial. The advisory council from private industry, academia, Open Source and standardization organizations oversees and accompanies the process. The launch of the Institute is funded through private investment. In the long run funds will be raised through the fees, the member association of certified professionals and a sponsorship program for the geospatial industry.

Partner Program (Our network)

The metaspatial Institute partners with academia, private industry and not-for-profit organizations to develop and maintain the program. A well established global ecosystem of businesses and educational organizations around the globe provides trainings and workshops for the required body of knowledge.

Training partners are invited to join the curriculum sponsorship program which will help to fund documentation and tutorials in areas lacking good material. The metaspatial Institute also offers quality assurance for courses and training material. For more information please contact us.

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