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Metaspatial provides business consulting for digital change management and agile services.

The ever faster evolving Digital Economy is at the root of many challenges for any type of organization. Digital transformation has disruptive aspects but it also offers a bouquet of opportunities. Over the past decade agile methods have proven to actively support organizations embracing digital change and to also help mitigate the inherent disruption.

Digital change comes in three distinct phases, each building and replacing its successor.

  1. Digitalization: In the first phase conventional processes use digital media (email, chat, web shop)
  2. Digital Transformation: In the second phase processes not only digitally replace but also change conventional ways of doing things.
  3. Digital Economy: In the third phase organizations experience a complete turnover from production cycle to end client structure.

All phases have disruptive aspects and especially phases 2. and 3. require a thorough reassessment of organizational structures, management hierarchies and their communication processes.

Digital Transformation does not necessarily mean that your traditional business is about to go away. But it may well be threatened by the Digital Economy without you even knowing. Therefore it is a wise idea to prepare early on and adjust work flows and processes to match those of the Digital Economy.

Arnulf Christl, May 2018

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